Terry Berkowitz

Terry Berkowitz

We Like to Watch, linoleum print on paper, 1989

This piece is a reflection on media, particularly television, and how its effects have limited our ability to analyze and think.

Book Without End, book, digital frame, video, 2011

Reading books engages the mind while offering physical experience. The design and layout of the cover and the pages spark our interest and also influence our reading: speeding or slowing the process of obtaining the information that is written. We hold the book, measure the weight of the object, the size of it, caress the edges of the pages as we turn them and feel the surface texture of the paper. In essence, reading is also a sensual experience. As a designer of books, I have spent many hours thinking about how these precious objects work and how they affect us. I consider the texture of the type on the page; is it too light or too dark against the white? How does the paper that is chosen absorb the ink? How large should the margins be to best work with the size and spacing of the type? What font at which size will look enticing on the page yet offer readability? Each book that I design or read becomes part of the fabric of my life. Will I be able to say the same thing when the book as we know it is no longer?

This object is an attempt to bridge the space between what we have known as book and what we will or will not know in the future.

Courtesy of the artist


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