Magdalena Pederin

Magdalena Pederin

The Name is an Anagram, video–installation, 2006

Installation of endlessly multiplying signs organized in a rhythmically blinking repetition of audio visual space, projected from a DVD. The viewer is literally drenched in this typographic bath.

Magdalena Pederin’s enigmatic installation places the viewer in an aesthetic electronic continuum of ever changing numbers and letters. The words, fragmented into a number of basic elements, are programmed to sporadically, but sequentially, combine into new words thus creating patterns of new significations.

Using the 16 letters of the artist’s name, the ASCI computer language is the device activated to create thousands of combinations – anagrams. This endless reiteration of sound and image, the letter puzzle of anagrammatic combinations has been arrested here, stopped as if by pressing the ‘still’ button, by placing three wooden cubes in the space. They contain three anagrams: engine drama pedal, a gender denial map and a rapid name legend. The cubes [boxes] house a system of glass panes and mirrors with letters and numbers fixed on them – looking into these boxes is like looking into a modern day bottomless well. ‘Frozen’, but infinite.

After deciphering the meaning of the letters, the ‘images’ in the boxes and the content of the DVD, we realize that the female mechanical voice is in fact enunciating the thousands of anagrams which are visually displayed, too. This is an infinite loop on several levels.

Note: For the Pratt Manhattan Gallery Exhibition there is only one wooden light box in the installation.

Courtesy of the artist


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