Joan Rabascall

Joan Rabascall

La voz de su amo (His Master’s voice), photography (39,37 x 39,37 inches), 1973

First work of the series Spain is Different. The title of the series was the State slogan to promote tourism in Spain during the franquist dictatorship.

His Master’s voice, photography (39,37 x 39,37 inches), 1973

Photomontage belonged to the series Mass Media, regarding to the messages, news, advertisements, etc. broadcast by the media in general. The slogan: His Master’s Voice, not in the TV set, but in the screen, defines television media in general.

Monumento a la televisión móvil (Monument to Mobile Television), model (1,96 x 2,75 x 5,11 inches), 1994

One of the smallest models of the series Monuments to the TV, which some of them were made in a big scale in different institutions, such as Monument to Television after Disaster, in the exhibition Logo Non Logo in the Thread Waxing Space (New York, 1994).

Cuatro sistemas de comunicación a distancia (Four Systems of Distance Communication), object (16,53 x 16,53 x 1,96 inches), 1974

Object that compares different systems of communication of its time, now obsolete comparing to the currently electronic systems.

All works courtesy of the artist


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