Ignacio Uriarte

Ignacio Uriarte

The Story of the Typewriter recited by Michael Winslow, video, 2009, 20’52’’

First, the original sounds of 62 typewriters of different times, countries and technologies were recorded. Then, the actor Michael Winslow reproduced a selection of these sounds in chronolgical order, tracing a temporary journey through almost 100 years of history and creating this way an homage to the sound qualities of the typewriter and its former presence in the office.

1s & 0s, 12 drawings (8,26 x 11,69 inches), 2011 (ongoing series)

Several typewriters write 1s and 0s on one page each, trying to emulate the language of computers. This attempt to adapt to the digital era has an indecipherable mumble as a result. The densities and patterns in each drawing result from each typewriters specific typography, the state of the often old mechanics and ribbons as well as the moment and mood of the writer. Not only the typewriter fails in his attempt to turn digital and imitate a computer, also the writer fails in his attempt of writing 1s and 0s randomly and thereby imitating fait or a higher order. In this sense, the work is (about) a double failure. The series is incomplete and will be continued indefinitely.

Courtesy of the artist and Nogueras Blanchard Gallery, Barcelona

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