(Marcus Gossolt /Johannes M. Hedinger)

Google Earth Art, video, 2008, 5’

In collaboration with Google Switzerland, Com&Com applied the technology and aesthetics of Google Earth to develop the Google Earth Art project.

Com & Com programmed a virtual flight through a 3D model of the Swiss Alps created completely within Google Earth. The flight passes by a virtual artwork by Com & Com, likewise built in Google Earth: a text on the Rosenhorn peak in the Bernese Alps that reads, “It‘s so superficial, but it‘s true.“

In a second step, medium transfer will be used to link traditional visual and artistic media (painting, print, sculpture) with the purely digital environment of Google Earth.

Google Earth Art explores topics such as the representation and construction of reality in virtual space, questions of cartography, and ways of depicting the world. With the project, Com&Com is creating virtual Land Art in the largest possible virtual public space.

Courtesy of the artists and Bernard Bischoff & Partner Gallery, Bern

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