Chris Petit

Chris Petit

Content, film, 2010, 76’

Content is a very personal, playful odyssey which explores lines of communication in both the digital and the real world. Thirty years ago Chris Petit directed Radio On, now considered a road movie cult classic. Content  is a coda to that film, made in the shadow of the big crash of 2008: an ambient 21st century road movie, inspired by drift rather than destination,  driven more by its music (by AGF) and driving’s trancelike state of mind than by any linear unfolding of the road. Now with a silent young son in the back seat, Petit’s meditation on the road takes in middle-age,  mortality and landscape, other journeys (Poland, Texas),  the seductiveness of new technology, email eroticism, the You Tube generation and the relevance of Pokemon cards to this strange new world.  A film of different perspectives, from the historical curve of the cold war,  genocide and political assassination to how life looks now to a six year-old from the back of a car.



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